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The Difference Between MDMA, Ecstasy, and Molly

molly vs estacy

This classification is used for substances that have a high potential for addiction and misuse. Some studies are finding therapeutic uses for MDMA in treating certain mental health conditions, like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Pills and capsules often resemble prescription or over-the-counter medications.

molly vs estacy

Describes the science behind MDMA (ecstasy) abuse, including what it does to the brain, whether it is addictive, and the… For example, taking the drug can decrease inhibitions leading to dangerous situations that can cause physical or emotional damage. In addition, those who use MDMA also tend to be more sexually active, leading to unsafe sexual practices that increase the chances of contracting STDs. The increased release of serotonin is responsible for the signature feelings of euphoria. It is also the cause of the increased sexual pleasure and feelings of empathy that come with MDMA abuse.

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However, most MDMA tablets and crystals are mixed with other drugs with unpredictable effects, including the potential for addiction. Molly came later as a replacement for Ecstasy because of Ecstasy’s negative reputation for having mixed ingredients. It came from the word molecular and was thought to be purer because it did not require other components to hold it together as the tablet did. People use it in its original powder or crystal form, which they snort. Less commonly, it is applied to blotting paper or used as an injection. Similarly, you can purchase pill testing kits online to test your substances at home before using them.

  1. Today ‘ecstasy’ still refers to colored pills, stamped with logos, and frequently sold at raves and nightclubs.
  2. In addition, when you finish outpatient care, you can access aftercare support to help you achieve lasting freedom from drug abuse.
  3. But this increased activity also causes a depletion in your brain’s naturally produced chemicals.

A person has the option of completing an inpatient or outpatient treatment program based on the severity of their addiction and their circumstances. You’ll likely participate in a combination of these various therapies when you’re in treatment, helping you get to the root cause of your addiction. Each type of therapy can play a vital role in your recovery, helping you work through your past and assess your current behaviors to make positive improvements.

Molly appears in powder or crystal form, which is sometimes placed into a capsule for ingestion. If people don’t ingest molly, they can snort it, apply it to blotter paper or inject it. For the powder to be pressed into pill form, ecstasy is often mixed with other ingredients, which also helps reduce production costs. These ingredients can be harmful and produce undesirable effects on the person taking the substance. People can take ecstasy by swallowing the tablet or crushing it to snort it.

Negative Effects of Ecstasy & MDMA on the Body & Brain

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You can then move on to aftercare, where you will receive continued support as you return to society. Outpatient treatment is better suited to individuals with less severe addiction and a safe and sober environment at home. People often choose outpatient treatment if they have outside responsibilities to maintain while overcoming addiction, such as childcare, education or work. The intensity of outpatient programs can vary, with some attending treatment every day or a few times per week for several months. Has been contributing to medical fields including mental health and addiction since she retired from medicine; with over 19 years of practicing clinical experience. Molly powder and crushed pills can also be mixed in liquid and drank or snorted.

molly vs estacy

People commonly use molly and ecstasy as party drugs in an attempt to enhance their experience and improve their mood. Both drugs are widely found at music festivals, raves, concerts, clubs, house parties, and other events or entertainment venues. While molly and ecstasy administration methods differ, they still contain the same synthetic compound. Molly is thought to be the purer of the two, but both can be mixed with different substances, creating undesirable and harmful effects on a person’s physical and mental well-being. People can even become addicted to MDMA, which has numerous negative consequences on a person’s life.

What Is Molly?

Generally, MDMA is taken in capsules, although it also comes in liquid or powder forms. Also called “molly,” MDMA is illegal and unregulated in the United States. This makes it very difficult to know what you’re getting when you purchase or take molly, and that can be dangerous.

Since it’s unlikely you’ll know exactly what substance was mixed into the molly you consumed, you won’t know what caused your negative experience. All sorts of adulterants wind up in molly, but some — potentially deadly drugs — such as PMA, methylone, and NBOMe, have been popping up more and more and leading to deaths. In the late 1990s and early 2000s when ecstasy use was much more prevalent, there were far fewer hospitalizations resulting from use. In recent years, hospitalizations resulting from ecstasy use have increased substantially, and the media is constantly reporting about “overdoses” at dance festivals. In 2014, the Monitoring the Future survey on teen drug use was the first national study to test molly in their definition of ecstasy in a subset of the sample. Interestingly, ecstasy use (without molly included in the definition) significantly decreased this year.

Long Term Negative Effects of MDMA Abuse

People have reported symptoms of addiction, including continued use of Ecstasy or Molly even after negative physical or psychological consequences. Others reported building a tolerance to the drug, suffering withdrawal symptoms, and experiencing cravings. While many people think taking ecstasy or Molly is fun, abusing these drugs can actually have serious consequences on your physical and mental health. Safely detoxing and recovering from MDMA, ecstasy, or Molly is best done with professional medical help. The name “molly” is short for “molecular.” Molly is used as a slang term for 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA). Sometimes it specifically refers to the powder form of MDMA, but it’s often used as slang for any type of MDMA.

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Molly and ecstasy are different forms of the same synthetic drug with the scientific name methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). MDMA appears in crystalline form or powder form when it’s at its purest. While molly and ecstasy are slang terms for the same drug, there are a few distinctions between the two substances.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction to MDMA, Gateway Foundation is here to help. We utilize various therapies and relapse prevention planning to help sustain your sobriety long after recovery. During an inpatient treatment program, an individual may reside at the treatment center for 30 to 90 days, depending on their required level of care. They’ll participate in various therapies to help them in their recovery.

There is no way to know what any single pill or bag of powder contains. Molly enhances the activity of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin. In turn, this can increase your heart rate, energy, and mood, respectively. But this increased activity also causes a depletion in your brain’s naturally produced chemicals.