Eco Sober House Overview: Guide to Sober Living

With comfortable accommodations, an inclusive 12-step program, and professional career guidance & guarantee of employment, Eco Sober House Boston is the place to go for individuals on the lookout for a sober living house in Massachusetts.

Delving into this Eco Sober House review, we will give you the low-down on Eco Sober House in MA and everything it has to offer.

Eco Sober House Overview: Guide to Sober Living

Eco Sober House Background

Sober housing institutions serving as recovery homes provide transitional living in a sober environment that promotes recovery from substance abuse. Sober Living Houses have their origins in the state of California and is affiliated with institutions that monitor health, safety, quality, and adherence to a peer-oriented model of recovery, such as the California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources (CAARR) or the Sober Living Network (SLN). Eco Sober Houses are a part of this large and continuously growing network for sober living.

Established with a mission to help residents achieve life-long recovery by providing the most nurturing environment, Eco Sober House is a refuge for individuals attempting to abstain from alcohol and drugs. Situated in Boston, Massachusetts, Eco Sober House MA provides a healthy environment uniquely suited to support one’s healing and sobriety.

On its official website, Eco Sober House provides only an overview of its services, along with its registration page where you can lodge a treatment consultation request.

Eco Sober House Accommodations

Eco Sober House in Massachusetts is at 74 Capen Street in Boston and is the newest addition to the growing Eco Sober Houses. Its newly renovated facility only houses 30 residents to provide comfortable, spacious accommodations and personalized addiction treatment to each of its residents.

Eco Sober House’s completely renovated building has spacious double rooms, comfortable furnishings, 2 large bathrooms per floor, a fully stocked community kitchen, and a lounge area with billiards and a movie theater.

As it prides itself on creating an environment its residents thrive in, Eco Sober House works at making residents feel as at home as possible. Residents enjoy its well-maintained facilities and are surrounded by like-minded peers to develop a sense of belongingness to a large group.

Eco Sober House Treatment Program

Eco Sober House offers an inclusive 12-step program complemented with counseling and an encouraging, supportive environment. Regardless of one’s race, heritage, religious beliefs, gender or sexual identity, Eco Sober House accepts and enjoins its residents to its programs with utmost inclusivity.

Eco Sober residents are usually encouraged to attend meetings and actively work a 12-step recovery program including practicing the 12 steps and volunteering for service positions that support meetings. Residents are also encouraged to provide mutual support and encouragement for recovery with fellow peers in the house.

Eco Sober House offers a new approach to transitional sober home living, as well as integration through addiction and career counseling and guaranteed employment.

Part of Eco Sober living house’s program is requiring its residents to adhere to its regulations. During the residents’ stay in Eco Sober living home, they are expected to observe house rules enforced by the house management. Some of these include:

  • Maintaining a sober lifestyle (no drugs or alcohol are allowed on the premises).
  • Making curfew every night
  • Maintaining a living environment that is safe, clean, and welcoming
  • Avoiding all inappropriate, violent, and/or sexual contact with other residents
  • Having all guests and visitors approved by the appropriate staff member(s) (residents are not allowed to have overnight guests).
  • Paying rent and covering other personal expenses

Eco Sober House Cost

Eco Sober House Overview: Guide to Sober Living

On its official site, Eco Sober has a registration page dedicated for lodging queries and consultations on its treatment services and accommodations. For Eco Sober House cost inquiry, you can reach Eco Sober living Boston through email ([email protected]) and telephone (857-294-8500). The halfway house’s treatment consultants are available 24/7.

Generally, a sober home may be more expensive than living independently since a rehabilitation house asks fees for:

  • Rent
  • House management
  • Drug testing
  • Other costs associated with running a sober environment

Nonetheless, rehab living is proven as a more effective solution rather than home confinement or isolation. 

Considerations for Choosing a Sober Living Home

After looking at Eco Sober House’s offering, it is time for you to look at key considerations for choosing or looking for a house rehab.

Below are the five key considerations in choosing a sober house.

  • Integrity – licensing, certification, a strong staff and support team, regular inspections, and/or great customer reviews are some of the must-haves of a sober home to enroll in. without any of these must-haves, you aren’t guaranteed a safe and trustworthy rehab house. Note, though, that some sober living homes are not required to be licensed. But you can still determine if a sober house is a reputable one by looking into its conduct of operations and overall management. Without searching for certifications and license to operate, you can gauge a sober house’s integrity by determining whether it adheres to certain quality standards which may include:
    • being anchored to its mission and vision
    • adhering to legal and ethical codes and be financially honest and forthright
    • creating and sustaining an atmosphere of recovery support that is physically and emotionally safe, secure, respectful, and free of drugs and alcohol
    • ensuring staff members are appropriately trained and credentialed
    • offering clinical services per state law
    • having an emergency plan and courtesy rules
    • fostering ethical peer-based mutually supportive relationships between residents and/or staff
    • protect privacy
  • Admission Requirements – you also need to look into the set of admission criteria prescribed by the sober house to determine if your resident would be a good fit for your sober living home.
  • Rent cost – this is another crucial consideration among residents. But generally, rent cost for sober living varies greatly based on the home’s location, amenities, and services provided.
  • Location –sober homes with strategic and practical locations are the ones near grocery stores, employment opportunities, public transportation, and community support groups.
  • Services – on top of all things, scrutinize the sober house’s offered services and see if it provides a comprehensive offering by looking for programs supporting drug and alcohol testing, employment assistance, educational planning, volunteer placement, recovery development, and peer-monitoring.

Life in a rehabilitation house is a real opportunity to get rid of bad habits, find new friends and improve your health.