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These same ages are known for being critical years for developing and regulating dopamine, the chemical that controls the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. During active addiction, alcohol and drugs replace natural chemicals as the brain’s primary source of dopamine. When individuals are in recovery and living sober lifestyles, their dopamine levels can sometimes lower as these substances are no longer influencing their brain. Music can help fill this gap because it stimulates activity in the exact same part of the brain that houses dopamine. “Music lights up neurons between the right and left hemisphere of the brain,” Emily Caudill, a board-certified music therapist, told The New York Times.

  1. Our staff and clients have seen particular success with Rock to Recovery, a program that uses the healing powers of music to provide hope, friendship and a creative outlet throughout the addiction recovery process.
  2. But these conventional approaches are not the only methods that clients can experience successfully during the recovery process.
  3. It was in Rock’s program that she found the support she needed to take her next step towards freedom.
  4. Christine’s eating disorder began when she was just 14 years old.
  5. Our unique, affordable and holistic counseling services combine clinical care and peer support to help you find healing and freedom from any type of eating disorder.

We’re on a mission to provide educational resources to reduce the stigma around mental illness, increase access to care and educate the local community about eating disorders. Callie began struggling with an eating disorder in high school and wasn’t sure recovery would ever be possible for her. Then she joined Rock’s Bridge to Life body image therapy group with the help of sliding scale financial assistance and the community of women she encountered changed her life. We offer nationwide faith-based support groups for individuals who desire to integrate their Christian faith into the recovery journey. Our unique, affordable and holistic counseling services combine clinical care and peer support to help you find healing and freedom from any type of eating disorder. For many Americans, substance use begins during their teenage years, when experimentation and overuse are often encouraged.

Music Therapy Helps Repair Neural Pathways

The lives of people who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction can take one of 3 turns, death, jail or treatment. Most people know that music has an innate ability to affect our mood and emotions, but did you know that our heartbeat changes to mimic the music we listen to? When listening to classical or instrumental music, our heartbeat slows down. On the other hand, when we listen to rock n’ roll, hip-hop or upbeat pop music, our heartbeat races to keep up with the melodies. That’s one of the reasons why when we listen to happy music, we tend to see and experience the world through “happy eyes” and vice versa. While strong beats tend to stimulate our brain to produce adrenaline, slower beats elicit a calmer, more meditative state.

rock recovery

It kept him motivated and part of a healthy team of like-minded individuals. It also ignited his creative fire in an environment free from drugs and alcohol. It’s doing the same for our clients here at Solution Based Treatment & Detox. Music can help our clients express and manage their emotions in a creative and healthy way, even after Rock to Recovery sessions have ended. We are passionate about engaging communities and collaborating, not competing, with other organizations, individuals, and treatment providers helping those struggling with disordered eating.

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Our Traditional Rehab Program includes addiction education, relapse prevention, life skills training, and more. Medical detox is a critical first step in recovery, which is why we provide supervised medical detox in-house. We pride ourselves on creating a warm, relaxed recovery environment where our clients can show their true selves.

rock recovery

We have helped thousands of people recover using a solutions-based approach of empowerment and knowledge. Learning a musical instrument, which is a key component of our Rock to Recovery program, also helps improve fine motor and reasoning skills. Have you ever played a song and noticed how it seemed to immediately affect your mood? Maybe you were sad and your favorite song put a smile on your face.

New ID Recovery Course – March 2024

Although it’s quite different from engaging with music as a form of entertainment, music therapy sessions do include different ways of interacting with music, including listening to, writing, or performing songs. Unlike passively absorbing music, though, music therapy accomplishes specific, therapeutic goals based on an individual’s psychological, physical, cognitive and emotional needs. Often those needs include improving mood, enhancing quality of life, strengthening coping skills, encouraging emotional expression and relieving stress and anxiety. Contrary to what people may assume, no one specific genre of music is more effective than other genres; rather the benefits of all genres are backed by science. Our current outpatient group therapy services are available to individuals of all genders in DC, Maryland, Virginia and California.

Seasonal Effects of Diet Culture: Managing the Spring Season for Clients with Eating Disorders

If you are interested in partnering with us,  email our Director of Community Partnerships, Kristyn Soto. Integrate faith into your recovery journey by joining one of our nationwide faith-based support groups today. Start finding freedom from any type of eating disorder today through our affordable, group and individual therapy services (available to DC, VA and MD residents). Today, Greer’s organization Rock to Recovery (R2R) conducts approximately 450 music therapy sessions per month.

But these conventional approaches are not the only methods that clients can experience successfully during the recovery process. Less conventional techniques, like mindfulness and exercise, can be effective too, especially when used in conjunction with traditional methods. Our staff and clients have seen particular success with Rock to Recovery, a program that uses the healing powers of music to provide hope, friendship and a creative outlet throughout the addiction recovery process. It’s a rock and roll version of music therapy created as a result of musician Wesley Greer’s own recovery experience. Our doors are open to all who wish to partake in their journey to freedom with us without regard to religion, race, or any other factor.

Rock Recovery is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports the journey to freedom from disordered eating through holistic and accessible recovery programming and community empowerment. We do this by removing barriers of cost, location, and timing, and by helping people break isolation. We uniquely offer both clinical expertise rooted in research plus spirituality for deeper healing and restoration. As a faith-based organization, we uniquely combine clinical expertise and evidence-based care with spirituality for deeper healing and restoration. Rock to Recovery is a powerful form of music therapy that helps our members overcome drug addiction by repairing neural pathways, promoting balanced brain chemistry and helping them to express and manage their emotions.

Two years ago, a systematic review published in the Cochrane Library found music therapy to be an effective way to treat depression in combination with other forms of treatment. Two years before that, the Journal of Affective Disorders published a study showing how music therapy helps reduce obsessive and depressed thoughts and anxiety in people with OCD. In between individual and group therapy sessions, Greer found himself playing song riffs. He also noticed how much playing music helped him process his emotions. Unable to afford costly clinical services in Washington, DC, she sought a community of people to understand and support her as she navigated eating disorder recovery. Our podcast features real interviews of our therapists, former addicts, parents, loved ones, and experts from around the industry, and more.

Instead, he moved in with his dad, kept smoking and started drinking alcohol, which helped give him confidence about his small size. Prior to founding Rock to Recovery, Wes Greer was probably most known as the founder of American rock band Hed PE and as the former guitarist of the nu metal band Korn. Before that, though, he was an insecure teenager who found comfort in smoking marijuana.

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At Solution Based, our Rock to Recovery group, which consists of clients with both musical and non-musical backgrounds, gathers together to write and record original songs. After they’re recorded, songs are anonymously uploaded to R2R’s SoundCloud account so our clients can download and share them with family, friends, and colleagues. When you support Rock Recovery, you become a special part of our generous community that’s helping our incredible clients find hope and healing from disordered eating, even if they can’t afford care elsewhere.

But mostly, they love it because it’s fun, social, unique, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We know that finding the right eating disorder therapy and support for you or a loved one can be an overwhelming journey. The Rock Recovery team is here to get you the help you need to find lasting freedom! We offer a variety of outpatient eating disorder therapy services for adolescents 14+ and adults 18+ in DC, VA and MD who want to break free from their eating disorder and live their lives to the full. For centuries, recovery centers have used detox, behavioral counseling, medication, and long-term follow-up to treat addiction.

Once you’re ready to get started, you will complete an intake session with your therapist. So book your free consultation today to stop struggling through recovery alone and finally break free from disordered eating and body image issues. Topics range from co-dependency, enabling, relationships, health and wellness, sacrifices, death, overcoming grief and loss, the road to recovery, choosing a good addiction recovery center, and much more. Every client benefits from a fully personalized treatment and plan of care, helping them recover and reach their unique goals.