Author: Alex Thompson

Percolators 101: Perc Bongs to Know

how to smoke percs

A swiss recycler with a propeller perc housed in an elegant hourglass shape. The “Cronus” is an awesome new recycler designed by Sesh Supply. You’ll enjoy an ultra smooth and cool smoking experience with the Swiss Color Recycler Water Pipe by AFM Smoke. Handcrafted using high-quality glass, this 9-inch tall pipe perfectly combines aesthetics,… However, due to its intricate design, the honeycomb generally cannot withstand heavy use and can be prone to clogging.

how to smoke percs

Enter the world of delightful dabs with the Swiss Perc Recycler Rig, a compact powerhouse that stands at a neat 6 inches. Many people think making edibles is as easy as putting a nug in a panini press, then balk when they discover…

Dabbing Adapters

Inset percs are contained inside the chamber of the water pipe and are usually in the shape of an indented cup that creates a pocket. This extra pocket works like another chamber and will have some kind of slits to diffuse your smoke as it enters. If you’re looking for something with an aesthetic impact to go along with its filtration capabilities, turbine percs are a great start.

These are small discs that are easy to make and take up very little space. Like other percs, these are often seen in stacks of two or three honeycomb percs. Air is forced through the angular holes and force the propeller blade to actually spin in the water!

The slits on a matrix perc can vary in direction, size, and number. This is the widest known and one of the most effective percolators in the market. They are affordable and can be found on wide variety of bongs and dab rigs. Tree percs vary in the number of “branches” – or arms – that smoke works its way through. Alternatively, staggered honeycomb percs offer a less direct path for the smoke, allowing it to circulate throughout several chambers before it is inhaled. This further cools the smoke before it is exhaled, resulting in a smoother hit.


Cleaning time will vary based off of the dirtiness of the piece. We recommend cleaning regularly to alleviate the need for any elbow grease or aggressive shaking. Pick up a soaker from your local headshop and completely fill your tube. Let it sit for a short period of time—I usually fill my tube with cleaner right before I go to sleep and let it soak overnight. Glycerin filled smoke wares like spoon pipes, bubblers and bongs, are putting real chill on your sesh- in a good way! This Dankstop Guide takes a complete look at freezable smoking pipes and glycerin coils.

To prevent splashback, its bent neck barrel top takes care of any excess… Circ percs are very similar to disc percs but usually have slits only around the outside. They can often be found at the end of a downstem and come in different styles such as domed, connected to a j hook, or stacked on top of one another. Tomorrows my birthday (Woo-hoo) and my friend and i are smoking a 30 mg Percocet tomorrow and its my first time. I was just wondering what it feels like, how fun it is, and any positive or negative side affects. Also, people with personal experience would be much appreciated.

Ratchet percs are similar to honeycomb percs but have holes only around the perimeter of the disc instead of across the whole thing. This leaves space at the center for a downstem to pass through the filter, making it an ideal design for small water pipes like bubblers and dab rigs. Many smokers choose Swiss Percs for their exceptional filtration.

Unfortunately, due to its linear design, inline perc gives you less flavor than honeycomb perc as smoke has less time to interact with the water. Honeycomb percs have become increasingly popular in the world of smoking and dabbing. These types of percolators consist of a flat disc with numerous holes that resemble a honeycomb pattern. The purpose of these small holes is to create more surface area, allowing for greater filtration and diffusion of smoke or vapor. Swiss Percs were originally introduced by glassblower Nate Dizzle in the late 2000s.

  1. Named after its resemblance to the delicious cheese, the Swiss Perc delivers one-of-a-kind natural filtration.
  2. They’re so compact and effective that nowadays plenty of bongs feature multiple levels of honeycomb percs.
  3. In essence, percs are a combination of oxycodone with acetaminophen.
  4. Honeycomb percs are often incorporated into high-end glass pieces due to their intricate design and effectiveness at filtering smoke.
  5. To create a Swiss Perc, a lampworker first blows two plates of glass and fuses them together.
  6. Matrix percs come in all sorts of designs, but essentially they combine the cylindrical shape of a disc perc with the slits and holes of a barrel perc.

One significant advantage to using honeycomb percs is their ability to provide a smooth hit without sacrificing flavor. As the smoke or vapor passes through the small holes, it becomes broken up into smaller bubbles which cool it down, making it easier on your throat and lungs. Honeycomb percs are available in a variety of materials and sizes. They can be made out of glass, ceramic, or even silicone and come in a wide range of shapes and designs.

Named after its resemblance to the delicious cheese, the Swiss Perc delivers one-of-a-kind natural filtration. These percolators are renowned among flower and concentrate users alike. The overall look of this aesthetic is quite pleasing, much like its sister perc, the stereo matrix. The crystal-like look offers both thorough diffusion and a cool vibe while it’s sitting on your coffee table.

Infusers & Extractors

This is a creative percolator that looks graceful as it spins. The smoke is ejected through the water and thereby, is filtered and cooled. Their sleek design helps them to filter more smoke rapidly as compared to any other percolator.

The benefit of using Honeycomb Perc is that it helps to cool down the smoke, resulting in a smoother, more enjoyable experience for you. The extra cooling also helps to increase the filtration of impurities from the smoke and can reduce coughing or other respiratory issues caused by harsh smoke. Furthermore, the extra cooling makes it easier for you to take larger hits from your smoking device without getting overwhelmed. Barrel percs have a straight cylindrical design with gridded notches that make them look like a barrel.

Unlike traditional percs, a Swiss Perc’s function is defined by what is missing from the glass. To create a Swiss Perc, a lampworker first blows two plates of glass and fuses them together. They then use a torch to melt holes through both the glass plates and fuse them together. While they may appear fragile, well crafted Swiss Percs are made of thick glass and have expert welds. Tree percolators multiply that concept, grouping a number of thin vertical tubes or “arms” with filtering slits together.

They allow for greater diffusion and have more holes than a typical perc. While usually upright, the barrels are occasionally turned sideways in rigs and bongs that connect the perc directly to the downstem. Because of the Swiss Perc’s unique design, each piece delivers a different smoking experience depending on the position and number of Swiss-holes. This enables smokers to get a different smoke by altering water levels. Choosing between honeycomb perc and inline perc primarily comes down to which smoking experience you prefer.