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Is Baclofen Addictive?

is baclofen addictive

Ultimately, drug and alcohol addiction treatment is more likely to contribute to remission of substance use disorders when the person is provided with multiple tools to treat the condition. Baclofen can be a useful tool when used as part of an integrated approach to treatment that includes medical supervision and other tools, such as research-based therapies and peer support. Taking higher doses of baclofen or any habit-forming substance can lead to dependence. This is what happens when a person depends on the substance, and the individual experiences withdrawal if the drug is suddenly stopped. To avoid the unpleasant effects of withdrawal and to achieve the same results, people turn to baclofen abuse by taking it more often than needed or in larger doses.

is baclofen addictive

Since there are so many complexities and risks, professional treatment is essential. Search engine results can show confusing information at first glance because of some of the medication’s uses. In recent years, professionals have been using baclofen for addiction treatment. Studies show that baclofen can be just as effective as diazepam in treating the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Because of the relaxing effects that baclofen has on muscles, baclofen is considered a muscle relaxer. If you need it to be, you can also use baclofen as one of a combination of medications for combination therapy. People with conditions such as multiple sclerosis and spinal injury and disease are primary candidates for the use of baclofen. Lioresal is known to be prescribed for prolonged intake if used for treating addiction or for spasticity management. When the drug is used for several months, it is not surprising that a patient may become psychologically dependent.

Clinical experience of baclofen in alcohol dependence: A chart review

When patients try to taper off Lioresal, the development of Baclofen withdrawal syndrome can be expected. Experienced practitioners point out that withdrawal develops more severely among those who have been administered with intrathecal Gablofen. Although Lioresal is not a narcotic, a handful of cases demonstrating Lioresal addiction have been documented. The patient was given the drug in the pill form and eventually abused it, a behavior which the researchers attributed to the mood-elevating properties of the medication.

  1. Because of the calming effect and the feel-good increase in dopamine levels that baclofen has on the body, many people start misusing baclofen.
  2. Admission Line and explanation of convenient private phone and free prescreening.
  3. Professionals use a comprehensive approach to treat baclofen abuse and withdrawal, and they can treat co-occurring disorders at the same time.
  4. Once you develop dependence or addiction to baclofen and you try to stop taking the medication, baclofen withdrawal symptoms arise.

While allergies to baclofen are rare, they require emergency medical attention. The follow-up data were extracted from the follow-up notes available in the personal case files of the patients. Cumulative abstinent duration (in days) was calculated for each week.

Is Baclofen Addictive or a Treatment for Addiction?

Our team takes pride in creating a safe environment where people can feel confident and comfortable. The programs we offer are designed to help people discover the keys to beating the cycle of addiction and staying in recovery. Case management services are also available after people finish treatment to help them stay in recovery. If your dependence gets so bad that your behavior changes and you will do almost anything to obtain more baclofen, you are suffering from a baclofen addiction. Mixing alcohol and baclofen can even increase your blood pressure and heart rate and cause you to have seizures.

is baclofen addictive

We provide detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization treatment, outpatient treatment, case management, and multiple types of therapies. Also, we treat co-occurring mental health disorders along with addiction. Without the help and supervision of professionals, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to overcome addiction. Effective treatment requires successful detox, followed by continuing therapy. For example, imagine that someone who takes baclofen for opiate withdrawals develops a tolerance to the drug and stops taking it. Apart for one study,[23] we are not aware of any systemic study for the baclofen use in India.

If you are suffering from a baclofen addiction treatment, know that hope is not lost. Baclofen addiction treatment usually consists of detox, some form of inpatient or outpatient treatment, support groups, and aftercare. Because the sudden stop of baclofen can lead to dangerous effects, it’s important to slowly wean yourself off of the medication during detox. By increasing the body’s dopamine levels, baclofen helps people feel better when dealing with cravings.

Is Baclofen a Benzodiazepine?

Based on the FDA label information, the precise Baclofen mechanism of action is not fully known. When released in higher quantities, GABA can lead to issues of coordination and confusion in reflex actions. More information and research are needed to confirm that addiction may be a risk with this drug.

If you are suffering from a baclofen addiction, you should consider entering our prescription drug detox program. When Lioresal is abused, some common adverse health effects may be experienced, especially when dosage has been abruptly increased. Although cases of Baclofen abuse are rarely reported, it is advised to start with a Baclofen 10 mg or 5 mg dose a few times a day, gradually increasing it over time when necessary. However, taking other pain medications along with Lioresal should only be considered under a medical professional’s advice. Baclofen medication belongs to the group of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) agonists, which are naturally occurring neurotransmitters in the brain.

Effects Of Baclofen Addiction

Baclofen can come in the form of an oral tablet, oral solution, oral powder for suspension, or spinal injection. The peak concentration of baclofen in the bloodstream occurs 1-3 hours after taking the medication orally. The half-life of baclofen is 3-4 hours in the plasma, and the total shelf life of baclofen after its date of manufacture is 3 years.

Call 24/7 to have a discussion with one of our treatment professionals the call is completely free. Admission Line and explanation of convenient private phone and free prescreening. Ask your doctor if baclofen is safe for you to use while pregnant or breastfeeding. Therefore, make sure to talk to your doctor about whether or not baclofen is safe for you to use. Although it also relieves pain related to muscle stiffness, it does so differently than opioid analgesics or narcotic painkillers.

Our clinical experience suggests that baclofen reduces craving and alcohol consumption including in those with poor motivation. The drug causes few side effects and does not add to the intoxication effect of alcohol. Considering that baclofen is safe in those with liver cirrhosis and reduces withdrawal symptoms due to alcohol, a controlled trial comparing it with standard treatment is required.