Author: Alex Thompson

Can You Smoke Magic Mushrooms? Bad Idea

what happens when you smoke shrooms

If you can handle magic mushrooms’ unique taste and texture, consuming them is as easy as eating them whole — no need to roll them up into a joint, make tea, or cook them into a gourmet dish. The active compounds in magic mushrooms (psilocybin and psilocin) are not heat-stable. High temperatures destroy virtually all of these compounds long before it enters your lungs where they can be absorbed.

what happens when you smoke shrooms

Since smoking shrooms should be out of the question, the safest way to consume psilocybin is to eat the dried mushrooms. In conclusion, eating shrooms is the only effective method of consuming magic mushrooms. By brewing ground mushrooms in hot water for minutes and straining, you’re left with a psilocybin-infused liquid that’s fast-acting and kind to the stomach. Whether you inhale smoke from burning tobacco, cannabis, herbal blends, or magic mushrooms, you run the risk of developing respiratory diseases.

Can You Smoke Shrooms? Read This Before You Do

Magic mushroom users often think smoking the psychedelic drug might be a good idea. Smoking tends to provide a much faster onset of effects with other drugs, and it helps you avoid the taste of shrooms, which most people dislike. Most people who attempt to smoke magic mushrooms note that there is little to no psychedelic effect, even when similar quantities of mushrooms are burned and inhaled. The short answer to this question is, yes, you can smoke magic mushrooms.

Users in psilocybin research often describe the state as being dreamlike, or as if the world is not real. As always, it’s important to consult with a medical professional before trying any new substance, and to start with a low dose and work your way up as needed. The effects of psilocybin can last for several hours, typically peaking at 2-4 hours after ingestion. This rapid metabolism makes it difficult to experience the desired effects of psilocybin by smoking. When consumed, psilocybin can cause intense changes in thought, perception, and mood. Respect the substances you want to put in your body in order to respect your body, mind, soul, and experience.

The influence of magic mushrooms is recorded and has been passed down the generational and traditional lines in many different cultures. The easiest way to consume magic mushrooms is to eat them whole, either fresh or dried. Magic mushrooms — especially Psilocybe cubensis — are pretty unpleasant-tasting. Fortunately, several preparation methods can help mask the flavor and get the consumption part of the experience over and done with as quickly as possible. Some methods are as easy as eating raw shrooms, while other methods involve a bit more preparation but boast better flavors, faster onset times, and a more intense experience.

As people get more comfortable taking shrooms, it reasons that they want to experiment and find the best consumption method that works for them. There are many ways to consume shrooms, from capsules to chocolates to lemon tekking, but what about smoking them? Cannabis lovers and shroom lovers have a lot in common, but these two mystical plants can’t be consumed in the same ways. While it’s possible to smoke shrooms, the cons far outweigh the benefits. According to online anecdotal reports, combining mushrooms with CBD-rich cannabis strains can reduce the feelings of nausea and anxiety that mushrooms cause for some people.

A New Way To Consume Mushrooms

If you do happen to experience any of the psychoactive effects of psilocybin after smoking, keep in mind that bad trips are a possibility when you do shrooms. Cannabis does not usually cause hallucinations which is where weed and shrooms differ, so one can consider shrooms to be more potent than weed with the level of intense effects it can deliver. When consuming cannabis, receptors of the endocannabinoid system are stimulated, whereas shrooms stimulate serotonin receptors. For the most part, mixing weed and shrooms should cause a similar effect of feeling high, giddy, relaxed, etc. but because they technically are separately categorized substances they do have subtle differences.

  1. The long answer is no, there is no need to smoke shrooms, nor should it be done.
  2. With both cannabis and mushrooms becoming increasingly accessible, it’s more important than ever to understand their effects, both on their own and when used together.
  3. According to online anecdotal reports, combining mushrooms with CBD-rich cannabis strains can reduce the feelings of nausea and anxiety that mushrooms cause for some people.
  4. Magic mushrooms can be consumed in many different ways, with each method offering its own unique benefits and drawbacks.
  5. But if you’re new to mushrooms, it’s best to avoid using cannabis first so you can get an accurate read on how mushrooms affect you.

After all, getting comfortable when preparing to go on a trip to a galaxy far, far away is crucial. In addition to this, people usually mix weed and shrooms in the same joint, and this may enhance the bad trip experience. The effects are very strong, and the different onset times can also mess up your trip. Add magic mushrooms to pretty much any dish, provided you don’t cook them at too high a temperature or for too long — this destroys some of the psilocybin and psilocin. To do this, eyeball or weigh the dose before chewing and swallowing the shrooms with a glass of water. This isn’t a particularly pleasant or efficient way to take magic mushrooms, but it’s effective enough to induce a strong psychedelic experience.

But is it okay to mix smoking weed on shrooms, or is this a recipe for disaster? If you feel you are the first to come up with the idea of mixing weed and shrooms, then think again because the combination of the two has been going on for much longer than we’ve all been alive. For centuries, mushrooms have been used across ancient civilizations for celebrations and rituals alike to connect with their communities and reach new heights on a spiritual level. Cannabis has also been utilized in ancient times as a pastime and celebration as well, so combining the two is definitely nothing new. Here is all you need to know about smoking weed and shrooms while being aware of best practices and what to avoid. Remember to check out our bongs for sale before you start your magic mix of weed and shrooms shenanigans.

Health Concerns Front and Center of Smoking Shrooms Debate

The combustion temperature is too high for psilocybin, and the psychedelic component will degrade and may not deliver any effects. Even if you do achieve the desired results to a more mild degree, smoking shrooms can be dangerous. Inhaling mold spores presents a significant risk when smoking shrooms as well. Mold can grow on any plant matter, but plants that are strictly controlled and regulated — like tobacco, hemp, and legal marijuana — all have an insignificant chance of mold growth in the smokable product. A risk of mushrooms is doing something unsafe to yourself or someone else while you’re under the influence. The risk of this is reduceable to near zero by only taking shrooms (“tripping”) with a trusted and sober guide who has experience supporting psychedelic sessions.

When taken in higher doses, shrooms and other hallucinogens alter your perception of reality, which may lead you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. A bad trip can include disturbing or downright frightening hallucinations, panic, and trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality. As is usually the case, medical professionals say more research is needed to better understand how these two substances work together and affect each other’s efficacy. Making sure you are good prior to getting high is essential, and that includes eating a big meal and keeping hydration levels up.

There’s a myth going around that magic mushroom smoke will make you blind, but is this true? The answer is no, magic mushroom smoke has never made anybody go blind — this is simply a myth. There’s no such thing as completely safe substance use (or smoking, for that matter), but there are some things you can do to reduce certain risks.

What dose of shrooms should you smoke?

A handful of shroom smokers say it produces a mild high, but nothing close to a trip like you’d get from popping a handful of caps or drinking a tea preparation. Healthline does not endorse the use of any illegal substances, and we recognize abstaining from them is always the safest approach. However, we believe in providing accessible and accurate information to reduce the harm that can occur when using. As the call for decriminalization and legalization spreads from cannabis to psychedelics, the opportunities to practice responsible adult use are increasing.